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Company Profile

Kika Sh.p.k is a company who performs on a family basis. Having a good financial foundation based on the ownership of building land and the long experience with some very known construction companies since 1993, the representatives of the company Avenir Kika, Lulzim Kika and Sokol Kika decided on 2002 to establish a construction company. The company has got two main goals:

-  Introduce updated European construction technology
-  Respect the technical parameters and the Albanian legislation but possibly reach also the European standards.

As a result of seeking quality the Kika Sh.p.k introduced in Albania for the first time the new technology of concrete casting in metallic patterns and multi-use wood armature, the Ardex full system of internal works, the automatic parking system and industrial floors etc.

In order to achieve these Kika Sh.p.k is one of the few firms to have sent in Austria and Germany her employees for training and professional qualification on her own expenses.

The mission of our company is to achieve good building quality and satisfy our clients. The relationship with our clients is a direct one. We listen to them carefully and fulfill all the terms of the contract we establish with them. We are also engaged not only in the internal parts of our apartments but have also created and maintained green public and relaxing environments for our clients. In none of the building projects carried out by Kika limited the coefficient of use of the land has not exceeded 42% giving a new human dimension to the project. As a result the requests from our clients are more than our building offers.

The economic indicators of the company are sustainable and in progressive development. So in less than five years 86 500 m2 of apartments have been constructed which are 100% legal and property certificated. Our possibilities are for more but we have preferred to finance the constructions by ourselves and also preserve the quality of building. The financial activity according to the dates of the last five years (2003 - 2007) is 2 907 000 000 leke equivalent to 24 000 000 Euro or 36 000 000 USD, with own circulating activities of 398 000 000 leke or 3 250 000 Euro, with an annual average profit of 15%. These results have been achieved without relying to the possibility of the bank loans and totally fulfilling the fiscal and subcontractor’s obligations.

As a result of that we have been classified as one of the 15 best companies of the year 2006 in a specialized economic publication, and for 2007 we have been assigned the national annual price « Leadership business » by CO-PLAN, and also International Herald Tribune published an article on our company (30 March 2007). According to the specialized magazine “Monitor” of June 2008 after the publication of the official economic dates of 2007, Kika Company limited is classified 21-st for the general activity in the construction industry (in the first places are of course the companies producing first raw materials for construction and those operating on public funds) and the 6th place for the economic sustainability.

The Kika Sh.p.k has always operated in the private sector and never take part in public tendera, not wanting to create “special relationships” with the state administration of any political side. On the other side, on humanitarian purposes the company has financed non-governmental programs on orphan children or other people in need.

On march 2008 Kika Sh.p.k is certified according to the standard ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate no.17722/08/S from the biggest Italian certifying company RINA being so a part of the IQNet group based in Switzerland who administers a global network of more than 300 000 certified companies in 150 countries in the world.

The Future

Kika Sh.p.k has carried out a detailed market study and compiled urbanistic projects approved by the Tirana Municipality. In these projects our aim is not only to fulfill the requests of our clients, but also fulfill the gap in the community services in these areas. We have already established cooperation with an Italian architectural studio on designing these projects. The Kika Company limited in the future is looking forward not only to carry out construction projects in apartment building but also explore other public fields like renovated energy etc.



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